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Who are we ?

We are a Canadian company, established in 2006 in Montreal, specializing in women's clothing. 


Our goal ?

"Fashion at a low price!" 

Our clothes are ultra comfortable, original and affordable ... 


Payment methods?

You can pay for all your purchases with a credit card, a Paypal account or with Apple Pay.


Size Chart?

You will find our Size Chart by clicking on the "Help" menu in the main menu. This chart is for information only and is based on an average of North American sizes, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge, according to the bust, waist and hip measurements in cm.  


Where do we manufacture the items? 

We are based in Montreal where we work on the collections and patterns and the final clothing is made in Thailand. We mainly work with the family and friends of the co-owner which allows us to know the working conditions. We monitor our production from A to Z and we do not deal with any middleman, which allows us to pay the fair price to the small workshops that supply us with fabrics. We learned how to set up a website and how to market it on the web and we do our photo shoots ourselves. In short, we do almost everything ourselves which allows us to save money and offer the best possible price to our customers.


Contact us ?

For any questions send us an email to the following address:


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